7 Fun Ways to Give Back

Blog 003 – Published January 2022


What if you could have fun while giving back and while raising money for causes that you care about? You can! Here are 7 ways you can give back while having fun.

1   Run 10 Feed 10

If you’re the sporty type, this might be perfect for you! Run 10 Feed 10 is an initiative where you can help provide 10 meals to people of your community by running 10K. Search for the next event happening in your area and you could help feed vulnerable people while getting those endorphins going! There are multiple events every year in many cities but if your location isn’t one of them, you can still participate by registering and running in your own time.

2   Social Media

You can raise awareness for charities and causes you like by using your Facebook, Twitter, TikTok or Instagram accounts to promote their content. One like, comment and reshare can go a long way! So, head to their posts or, if they don’t have an account, then post about them on your feed or stories and direct your friends/followers to their website so they can learn about them and perhaps get involved or donate. For bonus points, get involved in some social media challenges, such as FunDonor’s #FunLeap challenge.

3   Bake Sale

Hold a bake sale with the help of friends or members of your community where you raise money for a charity or cause that matters to you. Have fun trying out new recipes and learning new skills! A bake sale at your school, university or workplace could make a big difference, just make sure to get permission before you put up any stands or sell any cakes. If baking is not your thing, there are many other things that could be sold instead, such as handmade jewellery or knitted garments, the sky is the limit.



4.   Shopping

Many brands now sell specific products where a portion of or all of the profit is donated to charity. A quick google search will offer countless options from bracelets and sweaters to shoes and coffee. Additionally, many brands are partnering with charities and donate a portion of their profits every year so by shopping from these brands, you can give back too. Popular brands that give back include Toms, Thinx, Ben & Jerrys and Marriot’s Bonvoy rewards program.

 5   Adopting

If you or your family are already planning to get a pet, adopting is the most meaningful way to do so, because saving a life and providing a home to an animal that doesn’t have one should always be the first choice. It is important to remember that all pets are capable of being loving and wonderful additions to your family whether they are purebred or not, whether they have had a traumatic past or not. If they are no longer kittens or puppies, you will find your match. Contact your local shelters to find your furry friend and start the process.


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7   Plant A Bee Garden

Whether you have a big garden, a balcony or just your apartment, saving the bees is meaningful work and can be fun too! A quick search will tell you everything there is to know about a bee garden. They are attracted to some plant species more than others and creating a space for them to thrive is not as scary as it sounds. Get your gardening gloves on and plant some bee-friendly species to encourage them to come to your garden. If you live in an apartment, planting flowers on windowsills could be a great option or if you have outdoor communal spaces, then get everyone involved and create a prettier and more functional garden, which will help the bees and bring everyone closer together.


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