FunDonor’s aim is to make donating FUN

FunDonor is a simple idea. It works by empowering young people to engage with their role model influencers who in turn engage with their fans to raise money for charity. An influencer or celebrity simply offers their fans a personal experience to raise money for their chosen charity.

Once the influencer has confirmed the experience, a page will be created for them on the FunDonor platform. Through this page, fans and supporters can buy $1 tokens for a chance to win the experience. After 30 days, a random winning token is selected and whatever experience the influencer offers will be organised for the winner.

All monies raised from tokens go to the celebrity or influencers charity. Find out more here.

Why is it fun?

Influencers and celebrities can challenge each other and battle it out in fun ways to raise money for charity.

Battles are ‘fought’ online via the website. Every celebrity or influencer has a profile that expands and contracts whilst moving up and down the home page in response to funds raised. The larger more prominent profiles with more funds raised will be at the top, the smaller ones at the bottom. This should encourage influencers and celebrities to aim for the top and raise more money for their charity as a result.

It will be fun watching battles unfold ‘live’ on the website as celebrity profiles tussle to get to the top of the page.

FunDonor has two main goals

1. Empower young people to give

It is our belief that if young people are inspired in the right way, they will become the driving force behind charity giving in future.

Most people dream to earn a living doing what they love. Young people love engaging through social media. By rewarding them for doing what they love, FunDonor will encourage a whole new generation of young givers, inspiring them to perform acts of kindness and do good deeds for charity.

2. Make charities more accountable

Most people who don’t give to charity say it is because they are not confident that the money will reach those that it’s meant to help.

FunDonor will address this by making charities accountable to donors for monies received. They will place responsibility for accountability in the hands of designated senior rep/s. This rep must sign up to a transparency protocol and provide an audit trail for funds received. They must consent to address issues raised by any concerned contributor.

Why not take our FunLEAP challenge!

Leap like our logo and you could win our iconic “I Built FunDonor” T-Shirt. Click on our draft Indiegogo page for details.

Here’s what you have to do.

1. Make a selvie* or take a picture of your best Leap. Just like our logo!

2. Share your selvie or picture on social media.

3. Use the hashtag’s #Funleap & #Fundonor.

The 10 most liked clips win!

*selvie: a self  video, not a picture. Videos should be 5 secs or less.


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