8 Free Ways to Give Back


Think that the only way to give to charity is to donate money? Think again. Here are 8 ways you can give back without spending a penny…

1. Donate old clothes, books or household items

Donating items you no longer use to charity shops is a great way to help raise funds without spending anything. You can search online to find charity shops close to you or that support a cause you really like; some charity shops specialise in certain items like toys or books. Then pack up things that are in good condition and drop them off, and that’s it! Some charities will collect larger items such as furniture straight from your home. And you never know, you might end up finding an awesome replacement in the shop!

2. Volunteer

Job sites often have volunteering roles advertised, or just go onto your favourite charity’s website and find out how you can get involved. Time can sometimes be more valuable than money and volunteering can be rewarding as well as being fun! There are a variety of roles out there which require different skills and levels of commitment, so make sure to find one that fits you.

3. Become a Mentor

Many communities have mentorship programs where you can help young people achieve their goals. Whether it be tutoring, helping with uni applications, or just listening to them, there are many options out there and there’s bound to be one that appeals to you.

4. Donate Blood

Donating blood is free, quick, and easy. Search online for blood banks near you and any requirements you may have to fulfil. Blood is always in demand, especially if you have a rare blood type, if you don’t know your blood type then this is the perfect time to find out! If you fear needles, it may be helpful to bring a friend (social distancing restrictions permitting). You never know, your blood could save someone’s life.

5. Amazon Smile

If you already shop on Amazon, then this is an easy way to raise money for charity without spending extra. Just begin shopping at smile.amazon.com and 0.5% of your eligible purchases will go to a charity of your choice. 0.5% might not seem like much, but think about how much you will spend on it throughout the years and how many people could join the program, it adds up right?

6. Sign up to FunDonor

FunDonor aims to help young people engage with their communities and raise money for charity by making donating fun. If you sign up to our newsletter (add link) then you will receive a $5 perk on IndieGoGo and be the first to know about our upcoming launch! FunDonor ambassadors will connect with their favourite role models and celebrities to raise money for charity through virtual raffles. It’s a great way to make a difference without spending any money and can be very rewarding on a personal level.

7. Donate Hair

If you’re due for a trim (and you have long hair), then this might be the perfect chance for you to make a difference in a little girl’s life. The Little Princess Trust (add link) is one of several charities that use donated hair to make wigs for people who are going through cancer treatment and have lost their own hair. Check each charity’s website to make sure your hair fits their requirements; most will ask for a minimum of 8 inches of hair.

8. Use your social media for good

Raise awareness for charities and causes you like by using your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts to promote their content. Like, comment and reshare their posts or, if they don’t have an account, then post about them on your feed or stories and direct your friends to their website so they can learn about them and perhaps get involved or donate. A little can go a long way!

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