10 Celebrities Who Go Out of Their Way To Support Their Fans and Give Back

Blog 009 – Published May 2023


Celebrities often have a huge impact on their fans, whether it be through their work, their personal lives or their public image. Some celebrities go above and beyond to make a positive impact on their fans’ lives.

FunDonor is all about engaging celebrities and influencers to empower their fans. Here are 10 celebrities who have gone out of their way to do this:


1  Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande, acclaimed singer and actress, often demonstrates her commitment to giving back, supporting her fans, and making a positive impact through a number of charitable endeavours. One notable example of her generosity was when she organized the One Love Manchester benefit concert in 2017. The concert was held to honour the victims of the tragic Manchester Arena bombing and raise funds for those affected. Grande’s shows immense support for her fans through her personal interactions on social media. She actively supports various charities including Stand Up To Cancer and the Red Cross.



2  Ed Sheeran

The immensely talented Ed Sheeran is known for his generosity and commitment to giving back. He has frequently shown his appreciation for his fans by organizing intimate concerts and surprise meet-and-greets. He has surprised many by his impromptu personal appearance at weddings and even with street buskers. One touching example was when he visited a fan in hospital who was unable to attend his concert. He actively supports charities such as the Elton John AIDS Foundation and Comic Relief, using his platform to raise funds and awareness for important social issues.



3  Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a Grammy Award-winning global singer-songwriter who is known for her generosity and her willingness to go the extra mile for her fans. She is known for surprise meet-and-greets and sending fans personalised gifts. She even enjoys visiting fans in their homes to appreciate them. Swift also champions numerous charitable initiatives, including Red Cross disaster relief, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She actively inspires her fans to find their voice and make a positive impact in their communities. She once surprised a fan battling cancer by flying her to New York City to meet her at her concert. That’s Taylor Swift.



4  David Adeleke (Davido)

Davido, the talented Afro beats artist, consistently gives back, recently raising money for orphanages through a social media challenge. He has established the Davido Foundation which focuses on providing education and healthcare support to underprivileged children in Nigeria. Through his foundation, Davido has constructed schools and donated medical supplies to local communities. He actively engages with his fans, often organizing fan appreciation events and granting financial assistance to those in need. Davido’s dedication to empowering his fans and uplifting his community highlights his remarkable impact beyond the realm of music.



5  Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson

The Rock is a renowned actor and former professional wrestler. He is known for his philanthropy, support for his fans, and commitment to numerous charities including; I Have a Dream Foundation, The Red Cross and Starlight Children’s Foundation. He is a huge advocate of being kind and engaging in acts of kindness through creating surprises for family and fans. He frequently interacts with his fans through social media, inspiring them with motivational messages. Johnson’s genuine care and dedication to giving back continue to make a significant impact on individuals and communities alike.



6  Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is a talk show host, actress, and comedian who is known for her kindness and great sense of humour. She often surprises her guests with life-changing gifts,  opportunities and prizes, and she has a legacy of giving back through acts of kindness. A couple of examples – she once shocked a struggling single mother by paying off her mortgage and she also paid off the college tuition of a fan who was struggling to afford it.  Ellen actively supports various charities, including those focused on education, animal welfare, and disaster relief. Through her philanthropic efforts, she continues to inspire and uplift both her fans and the broader community.



7  Jimmy Donaldson (Mr Beast)

Mr Beast is a popular YouTuber and philanthropist who has captured the hearts of millions with his generosity. Through his engaging content, he consistently supports his fans and makes a significant impact on charity. Whether it’s organizing elaborate challenges or surprising individuals with life-changing donations, Mr Beast goes above and beyond to uplift others. He understands the power of his platform and actively uses it to spread awareness and raise funds for various charities. One worthy venture is his ocean clean up initiative to help motivate his followers to get rid of beach and ocean plastic.



8  Oprah Winfrey

From humble beginnings to media mogul and philanthropist, Oprah is renowned for giving back to her fans. She is dedicated to charitable causes. Through her Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, she has provided educational opportunities for disadvantaged girls in South Africa. Oprah also actively supports numerous charities, notably, The Angel Network and her own Oprah Winfrey Foundation, which focuses on empowering women and children worldwide. She once surprised her entire studio audience with a car giveaway, providing each member with a brand-new vehicle. Her compassion and commitment to making a positive difference continues to inspire and uplift countless individuals and communities.



9  Rihanna

Singer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Rihanna, consistently shows her commitment to giving back, supporting her fans, and making a difference through charitable deeds. She established the Clara Lionel Foundation, named after her grandparents, to support education, health, and emergency response programs around the world. She once donated $5 million for COVID-19 relief efforts, particularly for vulnerable communities. She actively engages with her fans, often surprising them with special moments, even gate-crashing a fans dinner party t sing happy birthday. Rihanna’s dedication to philanthropy and empowering her fans continues to leave a lasting impact on numerous lives.



10  Tyler Perry

Writer, producer and actor Tyler Perry is a big supporter of his fans and charities. He often surprises fans with acts of kindness, uplifting those in need, often covering the expenses for rent, funerals and college education for those in need, particularly in his Atlanta community. He is known for giving VIP backstage passes to fans to meet him and share a personal experience with him. He consistently uses his platform to shed light on social issues and advocate for positive change. Through his philanthropic efforts and dedication to making a difference, Tyler Perry serves as an inspiration to both his fans and the broader community, leaving a lasting impact on those he touches.


These are just a few of the many celebrities who love to surprise and empower their fans. They are all role models and they show that it is possible to be successful and still be kind and compassionate.




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