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A Nice Mention


Our recent Cultural Diversity exhibition at the Bernie Grant Art Centre got a nice mention in Tottenham Community Press, a local Tottenham newspaper. You can access the article here. Its on page 12.

Giving Back


FunDonor is all about giving back. The focus is on empowering young people. The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)’s 2019 report on giving shows a steady decline in people donating to charity over the last few years and young people donate the least. The report also indicates a declining trust in charities. These are the 2 things FunDonor aims to change.



Looking back over recent workshop outcomes of over 50 children from 3 schools in Tottenham, something struck me. Every child that chose this image as inspiration for their diversity work all had one thing in common. She oozes confidence and many aspire to be like her when they grow up. That’s FunDonor’s aim…



The private view for Cultural Diversity, The Exhibition took place at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre last Friday. The highlight for me was the Diversity Tree, a collection of thoughts on why each child believes they are different and how it makes them special. It made for interesting reading…



Last week I stumbled across a motivational statement. “A path without obstacles leads nowhere”. How true. It made me reflect on mine, and there are plenty. Just the other week I had a dilemma. The lady doing our children’s motivational workshops had to cancel at the last minute…

Stand Out


Over 50 Children from 3 primary schools took part in diversity focused workshops this week. This was all part of Kambani Arts’ Cultural Diversity exhibition taking place at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham, courtesy funding from The Big Lottery’s Community Fund…

Let The Children Speak


Friday 28 June 2019 was a stark reminder of the power unleashed when children express themselves. The cultural diversity workshops took place at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham and they were explosive…

The Last Bus


I reminded followers on social media this week that no one should feel pressured to get the ‘last bus’. Be patient. Another one will come along, usually better than the last. We need to push hard in all we do. Dance when there’s no reason to. Give when you don’t have to…

Fathers Day


16 June 2019 was Fathers Day in the UK. My boys planned a sweet surprise for me, so touching. With mum’s help, they took me to Cosmo’s eat-all-you-can restaurant in Romford, Essex. I had an amazing time. I heard they had been planning this for weeks. Thank you boys.

A Helping Hand


This week I shared on social media about giving a helping hand. Remember to offer a hand…

Cultural Diversity


Our parent company Kambani Arts recently received a grant from the Big Lottery Awards for All programme…

Be                      Inspired


I’ve been busy trying to recruit a couple of volunteers. Had some good responses from Charityjob

Colour Your Life!


This week I asked followers on social media to take a moment to reflect on how colourful their life is…

The FunDonor Blog


The FunDonor Blog is now active. It can be accessed via the website menu. It contains all back issues of the FunDonor weekly newsletter and may also be used to share updates and news…

Social Influence


I delivered a youth empowerment workshop with VLN this week in North London. I inspired a few more ambassadors to help the FunDonor cause. It was challenging. Young people have a divergent mindset…

Screen Nation 2019


The 2019 Screen Nation film and television awards took place last night in the classy Mayfair Hotel in central London. The night was good…

Take A Break


Sometimes you need a break, take stock, replenish your approach. I just did. Went to Italy with my family for a few days. Couldn’t have come at a better time…



What is the best way to mount pressure on those you seek support from? You know they’re poised to help because they’ve said so. Problem is, they’ve also gone silent…

Pre-Launch & Blog


I’ve been working on our pre-launch page and blog recently. They should be ready after the Easter break…

The Mother Effect


Yesterday was mothers day in the UK. There was a lot of celebrating taking place. Restaurants were booked out, mothers smiles punctuated your every glance…

How It Works


I’ve received a number of queries recently about how the donating process works so I’m pointing you to a simple video I made that breaks it down…

Social Influence


This week I tried a new Instagram approach to engage with influencers. I’ve already got 3 signed up. That’s amazing. Next thing is to persuade them to share content. That would be cool…



No one likes failure. Truth is, you may never know what success really means if you haven’t failed. Not just once either. Most success stories we recognise have a foundation in failure…



This was the setting at London Village Network’s “Donate an Hour” event on 1 March. There were lots of opportunities to engage with people and organisations…

It’s all about giving back!


This week I shared about giving back. There’s no better feeling than giving back, especially when it’s appreciated, when it changes someones life…

Love Always Wins


I was told recently, learn to love yourself. When you do, everything falls into place, things get done. But don’t stop there. Love what you do…



Inspiration was the key word in most FunDonor social media posts this week. I shared that my ultimate inspiration comes from children. Why? Because they are innocent…

Rise When You Fall


When you fall, people watch to see if you’ll get up. Some don’t. Some get up and convince you they never fell. They transform their circumstance…

Kids, Confidence & Laughter


On social media this week I shared about kids, confidence and laughter. Kids can be crazy. They’re also innocent. Its a recipe for creativity…

A Single Step


They say every journey starts with a single step. This week we started taking steps to get closer to some influencers…

Crowdfund Campaign


Just back in the UK from CES in Las Vegas. Quite incredible. If you’re into gadgets/ electronics, make it your mission to attend next year…

Take a Break


I’m away this week on a much needed break. We all need one sometimes to help us refocus, to re-prioritise the things that are more important in life…

2019 – Here We Come!


This is my most endearing image of HOPE. It is sublime. Works of art like this have inspired me to show some appreciation and respect to some of our founding artists on social media. I will continue this into 2019. Some may ask why? FunDonor is an art focused initiative. The inspiration came from our artists. Our crowdfund rewards are art focused and we will be offering lots of art themed incentives before we launch…

Seasons Greetings!


We wish you a wonderful festive season. Thank you for all your support this year. We hope you continue to support us moving forward. Thank you…

I Need Feedback


This week I uploaded our crowdfund video. I made some changes from your feedback but I would like more. So kindly take a moment to watch…



Confused about what MLGV stands for? It’s an initiative started by one of our artists. Make Love Go Viral. I shared this on social media this week. I think it’s cool…

The Long Straight Road


This week on social media, I shared about straight roads, confidence and trust. Life’s roads are rarely straight. They’re full of twists and turns…

Artful Inspiration


Anyone following our social media campaign would have noticed something this week. I love art. It’s like an illness. It keeps me focused, keeps me inspired…

Are You Content?


I shared this on social media this week. I called these guys ‘Smiles of Content’. The reason? I recall meeting them at a cultural carnival. They were at ease with their role. They wore signs of torment and strife but smiled with contentment and charm. I could hear the smile in their voices…

The Speed of Youth


My son has grown. He’s 12. I watched him on his phone the other day. The speed at which his fingers danced over the keyboard. Left me a little dazed. It also got me thinking. Young people engage at speeds we cant comprehend. This can only be good news for FunDonor. Imagine a whole new world of high speed engagements across multiple platforms. I can’t wait…

What If I’m Older?


I had a healthy exchange with a retired artist on LinkedIn this week. They loved the idea but were put off by its focus on young people. I explained that an ambassador could be any age – 90, 100, doesn’t matter. What matters is attitude. I added that the only reason we focus on young people is because their demographic rarely give back and we want to empower them to. Older people give regularly, young people don’t. At the end of our exchange, they pledged their support, subscribed and expressed a desire to be a ‘Golden Ambassadors’.

I was asked a couple of questions…


Following last weeks update, I got asked a few questions. Que: How much will the charity get from donations?…

Ask Me Anything!


I’ve been receiving a few queries via Linkedin. This is good. Please query more. I want to be totally transparent. If we aspire to gain the confidence of influential role models then we must demonstrate integrity…

Be Bold


Be Bold, Be Graceful, Don’t Fear. These are my key words for the week. They remind me of failed projects, of how fragile start ups are and how most fail. Then I remember that failing is not all that bad..

It’s Times Like This I Feel Helpless


Taking in all the recent devastation in Indonesia has left me feeling helpless. I want to do something but feel I can’t…

Inspire Young People


FunDonor is centred on inspiring young people to achieve their dreams. Our mission is to impact lives and create change, empowering young ambassadors to aim high…

Our Indiegogo Launch Date is Changing


We’ve pushed our Indiegogo launch date forward as we are simply not ready right now. I think its important to be honest and realistic. If we launch in October we risk not hitting our target…

Did You Know…!


Did you know that FunDonor will be run in partnership with the guys behind the Comic Relief and Red Nose Day platforms? We are in safe hands… Did you also know that when we launch, ambassadors must pledge to protect and NEVER compromise the integrity or confidentiality of the role model…

Rejection Can Be Good


I’ve been approaching a number of celebrities and role models recently, trying to get them involved in FunDonor. It’s not easy. You inevitably face rejection. Lots of rejection. This week was better. I got a positive responses from Victoria Beckham’s head of PR and the Arsenal Foundation…

We Got A Nice Mention Today!


FunDonor was featured on the Ask Me Anything Blog today. Left a good feeling. Reminded me why it all started. Take a look. I will be engaging in an AMA session over the next couple of weeks…

Living a Fun Filled Life?


Is your life fun? Do you sleep like a baby at night? Have you performed a random act of kindness lately? If you can you say yes to these 3 questions then you’re living a fulfilled life…

Who’s Behind FunDonor?


My name is Chima. That’s me in the picture with my family. FunDonor is my dream. I’m a simple, normal guy, nothing special. I just believe my calling is to give back. That drives me…

I Rarely Give Back… Why?


The simple reason – I’m not sure the money goes where it’s promised. Do you feel the same? Want to do something about it? I do. That’s why I’m starting FunDonor…

Young People and Giving


Young people are the driving force behind FunDonor.

Last week I went to a couple of graduation ceremonies and was reminded why…

Things Are Taking Shape


Things are slowly beginning to take shape with the FunDonor campaign. We will keep you better informed by sending a weekly update until we get closer to our crowdfund launch…