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Negotiations are underway with the Gambling Commission to ensure FunDonor will comply with relevant licensing requirements required to run online games of chance.

Licensing & Compliance

The key to making FunDonor work lies in the commitment to always uphold the integrity of the celebrity/ influencer. This concept is ingrained in all terms and conditions that will govern the platform.

Upholding Integrity


Connecting Companies


Since joining Clubhouse, I’m getting a lot…

The FunDonor Ambassador


For those seeking clarity on who the FunDonor….

I Can

I have been getting familiar with the Clubhouse platform


I was recently introduced to the Clubhouse App.

Is Donating Good for Business?


With FunDonor, donating will be good for business. Why? Once the platform is up and running we will introduce a match funding model for business. This will work by enabling a business to brand a celebrity’s page…

The Vision

My vision for FunDonor is to create a network of ambassadors all finding creative ways to empower celebrities and influencers to raise tonnes of money.

The Influencer Pyramid

The final FunDonor home page will look like a pyramid, but it won’t operate like one. The platform will showcase all celebrity influencers…

What is FunDonor?


Someone commented on Instagram this week. Got me thinking. He thought FunDonor was out to make fun of role models just to make money. How wrong…

Do Different

One of my favourite quotes is by Barack Obama. our Indiegogo Pre-launch Page. He said that ‘Change happens when ordinary people do extraordinary things’. How true…

People Trust Charities

Charities Aid Foundation findings

Life is Good

Life is good, despite the setbacks. Take a good look at yourself. Then try count your blessings.

Our New Ad

We placed our new ad on social media today. It’s under review by Facebook. We had to resolve a few issues…

Indiegogo PreLaunch

We will soon be launching our Indiegogo Pre-launch Page. This is the page that helps spread the word before our actual campaign launches…

Keep it Simple


One of Albert Einstein’s favourite quotes – ‘Everything should be made as simple as possible’. How true…

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year – and what a crazy year it’s been. It started so bright, so sprightly. 2020, the iconic year…



Hello, my name is Chima and I’m the guy behind FunDonor. Recently I’ve been down with COVID…

Seasons Greetings!


We would like to wish you all the best for the festive…

Time to Reflect


I was reflecting on life recently and the…

Festive Times …..


Festive times are approaching and FunDonor

Fun-Facts & …


FunDonor is all about giving back. The difference is our promise to make it fun.

Young Donors


There is a lot of information out there that highlights how young…

Keep Going


You’ve probably heard it many times before. Keep going, don’t give up, be persistent…

Giving Back


I’ve mentioned ‘giving back’ a few times. It is a founding principle of FunDonor.

New Ideas


Temperatures are rising at FunDonor. Creativity is rife and ideas are on fire…



Two more volunteers joined FunDonor a couple of weeks ago…

Zoom Time


I had my first Zoom meeting with volunteers this week. Four were present…



We’re asking all subscribers or anyone out there…

In Future


After our initial campaign, our next phase for development..

New Volunteer


A new volunteer started a couple of weeks ago. His name is Feyi…



The FunDonor app is designed to be portable…

Pick myself up!


This week was my mother-in-law’s funeral…

Sombre Times


You may recall me sharing that both my in-laws died from COVID…



For a few years I have reached out to celebrities trying…



FunDonors entire concept is based on transparency…

It’s About You


FunDonor started with a dream to build a platform that anyone anywhere could be a part of. We’re excited…

It’s Hot


The weather has been sizzling in the UK recently. So we went camping with family and the boys and we all got crazy…

Celebrity Integrity


FunDonor is serious about celebrity integrity. Our aim is never to compromise the integrity of the role model…

Match Funding




From time to time I get a few questions about FunDonor…


Rear view of college graduates standing during ceremony. They are wearing black caps and gowns with yellow tassels. The ceremony is held outdoors.

A new volunteer started a couple of weeks ago…

A Little Change


A volunteer started last week…

Happy Bday


It was my birthday on Saturday…

Our Ad


We launched our latest ad…



I talked about strength on social media this week. We need strength for so many things…

Keep it Simple


I shared a few thoughts about keeping it simple on social media this week…

How it Started


A few years ago I was on safari in Malawi. I was excited. It was my first safari…

At Home


Last week I mentioned that our next ad would be out soon. The ad is done…

Corona Blues


These Corona blues can deflate you, make you feel like giving up. Or they can motivate you, inspire you…

Grief Beyond


Last week there was no newsletter. This was out of respect for my mother & father in law. Both passed from COVID 19.



This week my father-in-law passed away from COVID 19. Tragic. You see the daily death count on TV …



FunDonor will encourage acts of kindness. Ambassadors who reach out and engage…

We Need Some Colour


This week I changed themes on social media. I shared images of vibrant colour. I reckon we need more positive energy in these COVID times…

Challenging Times


This week I continued my theme to share happy faces. What else in challenging times like these? Our world as we know it will change forever. That seems clear…

Sharing Happy Faces


This week I shared some happy faces on social media. I reckon its one small thing I can do in this pandemic climate. I hope it brings a smile…


A Different Mothers Day


Today was Mother’s Day in the UK. It was surreal. A never seen before experience…

Small Size, Big Impact


Be No. 1 at what you do. No. 2 doesn’t quite sound the same. I said this on social media…

Who is a FunDonor Ambassador?


A FunDonor Ambassador is the most important person in FunDonor…

Be The Best


Be No. 1 at what you do. No. 2 doesn’t quite sound the same. I said this on social media…

What Charities Get


Charities will benefit the most from FunDonor. A role model/ celebrity must nominate a charity to benefit…

Give With Confidence


Do you give with confidence? According to the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), you probably don’t. This is…

A Deeper Look


I’ve had a few questions about exactly how an ambassador will earn money with FunDonor. It’s actually simple…

Why Should I Get Involved?


Because FunDonor is designed to empower young people to earn whilst having fun.

A Nice Feature


FunDonor was featured this month in Business Day’s Corporate Social Impact section.

What You Get


As our Indiegogo crowdfund launch approaches, I’ll be sharing what’s on offer

Our New Ad


This week we start our social media ad campaign. Watch a sneak preview here. 



Welcome to our first newsletter of 2020. We launch our Indiegogo crowdfund campaign this year and will be running a few ads soon. Look out on social media. Our platform will be run in partnership with the guys behind Comic Relief & Red Nose Day…

Seasons Greetings


Seasons Greetings to all our well wishers. Thank you for all your support throughout the year. Some of you have given constructive feedback and have helped shape our campaign. Others have expressed concerns which we have taken on board.

Be Ready


This week I advised anyone developing an idea to be ready. That is the key. When opportunity knocks and you’re not ready, dare not open the door. Unpleasant experiences might await. At FunDonor we’re ready. We have addressed all T & C’s…

Eye on the Prize


My phone was out of action last week. It meant we missed some postings on social media. It reminded me how dependent we have become on our devices. A part of me seemed missing as things came sharply into focus. It made me reflect, focus on plan B.

Creating The Dream

FunDonor is my dream. It started a few years ago whilst on safari in Malawi. I had heard of a school being built for charity and went to have a look. Problem was, there was no school, no building, nothing, just a crumbling old sign board. On investigating it became clear that monies…

On The Shelf

This week I advised social media followers not to be left on the shelf. Stand up, brush off the dust and get noticed. We all have something to be proud of, we need to learn how to flaunt it…

My Role Model

We all have role models. One of mine is Oprah Winfrey. Who is yours? Role models inspire us…

Good Grounding


I reminded followers on social media this week that a good grounding is important…

A Lifelong Stake


Someone asked me to explain how they can earn a lifelong stake in FunDonor as mentioned..