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50,000 Voices

50,000 Voices is the theme for FunDonor’s crowdfund campaign. It is a unique concept, offering a permanent life-long stake in the FunDonor platform for as little as $1. Our goal is to engage 50,000 people to help create our FunDonor web banner. This banner will sit at the top of the FunDonor website, just below the menu bar. The banner will be made up of 50,000 images, images from anyone that donates $1 or more towards our crowdfund campaign. When someone donates, they must submit a passport-like image of themselves. This image will be used to create a digital mosaic that will make up the web banner. Each image will be assigned a personal hyperlink..

Uncomplicated Joy


I stumbled across a school in Lagos last week where the children were celebrating their culture day. I was greeted with uncomplicated joy (after seeking permission to take some pics)…

The Replay


Last Thursday, 14 March I gave a 30 min talk about my FunDonor journey in the Breakfast With Champions room on Clubhouse. I shared some things I had never shared before. ..

Lets Unpack FunDonor

This Thursday, 14 March at 10.30am UK time I will be unpacking FunDonor in the Breakfast With Champions room on Clubhouse. This will be a deep dive into the background, the inspiration behind, the development and the workings of FunDonor. Following this, we will develop a clear timeline to launch our crowdfund campaign and subsequent project implementation.
I’ve been talking for a while about getting this project started. It’s time to get the wheels in motion. Join us on the 14th and see how you can get involved.


Don’t Rest in the Middle

Last week I was on IG live with David Meltzer. This week I’ve been discussing with his team about collaborating. It’s all getting exciting. They even suggested being on his hit Apple TV show. I’ll be exploring this further and providing updates here. All this encourages me to follow Kobe Bryant’s high school teachers advice. “Rest at the end, not in the middle”. Listen to Kobe (RIP) in our Motivational Monday video.

Reminder: Our FunDonor feature on Breakfast With Champions has been rescheduled to Thurs 14th March at 10.30am UK time. 

Chat With David Meltzer

Earlier today I had an exhilarating Instagram Live chat with David Meltzer. He is on a mission to empower 1 Billion people. The embodiment of resilience, he bounced back from losing over $100 million and built a motivational empowerment outfit that is inspiring generations. The greatest takeaway for me is his humility and willingness to help. We’ve booked a follow up call this week to explore next steps.
Reminder: 8 March at 10.30am UK time we present a FunDonor feature on Clubhouse. Link here to join. Email below for more detail or to book a call.


Learn to Ask

We learn every day. I’m just learning how to ask. As I connect with more influencers, I’m realising that you simply need to ask for what you want and you’ll find people willing to give. I just asked David Meltzer for help and he offered to use his networks to assist. We’ll connect next week to work out the details.

Remember, on 8 March at 11.30am UK time we deliver a detailed feature about FunDonor on Clubhouse. Save the date and the link below to join. Want to find out more? Use the email link below to book a call with one of our team.


A Cup of Coffee

For less than a cup of coffee, you can have a life-long stake in FunDonor. On 8 March at 11.30am UK time we’ll unpack this unique opportunity live on Breakfast With Champions on Clubhouse to an audience of global entrepreneurs. The link to the room is below. Why not mark the date and tune in. The opportunity will ONLY be available for a LIMITED period of time and for a SPECIFIC number of people. Curious? Send an email using the button below. Book an exploratory call with one of our team. Remember this – A life changing opportunity for less than a Cup of Coffee.


For as Little as $1

I looked on Amazon to see what $1 can get you. Here are a few items – A stress squeezy ball; A pencil sharpener; A small ruler. I also checked on the high street – A slice of pizza; A McDonalds cheeseburger; A can of Pepsi.

What does your $1 get you with FunDonor? A life-long stake in the project; A window to share your world; A space to mingle with celebs.

$1 is affordable to most. Be sure to claim your life-log stake when we launch our Crowdfund campaign. It will only happen once. Watch this space.

The Beautiful Journey


I love the journey depicted in this weeks Motivational Monday video, a journey riddled with failure but radiant with overcoming…

The Challenge


Look at the picture. Imagine the mothers challenge. Save her child, save herself. Fortunately, we have a simpler challenge. When we launch our crowdfund..

Things Are Getting Exciting…


I met with celebrity podcaster and Emmy Award winner Aurea McGarry this week through my engagement with the Breakfast with Champions…

Find A Way


Often times we feel lost, unsure which direction to take. We shy away from pain and chase gain. But the truth is, gain is often a journey of pain…

2024                      Our Year

Happy New Year! It’s 2024 and I’m excited and anxious. I’m excited because we’re committed to launching our crowdfund campaign in March. I’m anxious because it’s a bold yet uncertain step forward. But I’m reminded by my sisters voice in my ear reminding me to just get started. It often only takes a single step forward with a strong commitment to achieve transformation. That’s something thats reflected in this weeks Motivational Monday video. We’ve come this far and stopping is not an option. Join us in our bold quest…


Christmas Time

Greetings to all our subscribers. It’s that time of year when many of us share joy, good tidings and gifts. We invest in family time. We remember family that have left us. I spent some time on Christmas Day with family at my mother-in-laws graveside, sharing prayers and celebrating her life. She had a resounding impact on so many by her pure kindness and my wish is that I leave with the same legacy.  That would be my advice and wish for everyone today. Focus on what legacy you want to leave behind when you’re gone. I pray it’s filled with kindness. Merry Christmas!

What You Ask…


What you ask for is not always what you get. Have you ever asked God for something and get the opposite? For instance, you may ask for strength and you get…

Outside the Box


Listening to this weeks Motivational Monday message reminds me of the fundamentals that began my FunDonor journey. What we are doing is not new…



Regret is our biggest poison. That’s the message in this weeks Motivational Monday video. Imagine you have an idea, a dream. You don’t chase it…

Be Helpful


The lesson from this weeks Motivational Monday video is intense. People frantically search for happiness in life. In the process, they often push others aside…


Turnback Moment

Steve Harvey made a very powerful point in this weeks Motivational Monday video. He said that we all have a ‘turnback moment’ where we decide to either go forward or give up. In the video he made something clear. If you give up, you are guaranteed to fail – there is zero chance it will happen. The only way it can happen is if you never give up. I’ve had turnback moments. I’m thankful for them. They have given me huge resolve, the resolve to commit to FunDonor’s launch in early 2024, come what may.

It’s Easy


It’s easy to give up. It’s easy to say “I’m done. I don’t feel like trying”. Watch this weeks Motivational Monday video. Kevin Hart says it well…

24 Hours


Today’s Motivational Monday video was put together by our newest volunteer. He doesn’t have previous experience. He just has a desire to create…

Do It – Trust Yourself


I just returned from a short break to the US with my family. One evening my sister sat me down and asked when we would launch FunDonor…

Building Trust


FunDonor faces lots of challenges. One key one is establishing trust. Influencers need to trust FunDonor if they are giving their time….

Is $1 Affordable?


When we launch our crowdfund campaign, we will be offering our supporters something unique – a life long stake in FunDonor…

Life is Simple


Simple ideas offer the best solutions. Think of ideas that changed the world – the light bulb, the wheel, the zipper…


Never Stop Dreaming

If you have a dream, chase it. The worst thing you can have is regret. When you chase your dream, you learn. You learn the pitfalls, you make wrong choices, but you learn. With learning comes correction. You listen better, you observe others that have done things right and you pick up tips. This process helps you focus, change and correct mistakes. Its that simple. I am applying all this to FunDonor. I’m listening, I’m learning and in due course, the dream will be real.

Love & Respect


Imagine a world where everyone loved and respected one another. Imagine if there as no greed. Imagine if everyone…

Actions Speak Louder…


Everyone knows the adage – Actions Speak Louder Than Words. If you want to get something done, take action…

Change It


Have you ever wondered what happens when you get lost? The experience helps you find yourself..

Health is Wealth


Some may think the topic of health and wellness is not relevant to FunDonor but there comes a time

Random Acts of Kindness


Being kind is powerful, simple and free. Kindness can transform lives. Through random acts of kindness

Empowering Women


Many watched the Women’s World Cup final on Sunday. I watched with mixed thoughts…


Positive Reflections

Last week I took a much needed break. It gave me time to reflect. I looked back on all the things that have distracted me. I reflected on the people that have drawn me back, I pondered over things that haven’t added value to my life. I then made a positive decision to be more brutal. I will remove obvious distractions. I will avoid anyone that draws me back. I will aim to do things to add value to my life and my FunDonor journey. I urge you to do the same in your life.

Take A Break


Always make time to take a break. Take a break from distractions, take a break from people…



Teamwork is awesome. Often times we think we can go it alone. But experience teaches us…



We all face obstacles. How we deal with them is what counts. Some people give up…

A Volunteers Journey


We just took on 4 new volunteers and I wanted to take this opportunity to appreciate them..

Would You Give if…?


Ask yourself this – Do you give to charity? And would you give to a charity that wastes your money?

Have Fun While You Earn


I often ask young people. Would you like to get paid to have fun? I’m sure you can guess the answer..

Be Intentional


I’ve been listening to my friend Pete Cohen on Clubhouse recently …

Appreciate the Journey


Purpose is found within simple tasks, tasks that are often taken for granted…



Your destination is not determined by hope, its not determined by a wish, its determined by your…

Ripples of Kindness


As we continue looking at celebrity motivation, I was inspired by Taylor Swift this week…

Weird & Wonderful


Ed Sheeran mentions being ‘weird’. Listen to this weeks Motivational Monday video…

Celebrities & Giving Back


FunDonor is all about celebrities and influencers giving back so I thought we could take a look…

It Starts From Nothing


This week, I was motivated by Tyler Perry’s journey. Starting with nothing, inspired by Oprah…

Make Mistakes


As we continue looking at celebrity motivation, I was inspired by Taylor Swift this week…

Why Not?


This weeks celebrity motivation comes from Kevin Hart. Whats your story? We all have one…

What it Takes


Do you have what it takes to chase your dreams? Do you have what it takes to keep going…

Stay Focused


FunDonor is an influencer based initiative so we have started looking at motivational stories…

Live Your Truth


In this weeks Motivational Monday video, Jay-Z talks about his journey of truth…

Comic Relief


Red Nose Day for Comic Relief took place in the UK in March. It is an annual fundraising campaign aimed at ending child poverty…

Stand Out


How do you stand out from the crowd when starting something new? That is the question. You need to offer something different…

Mothers Day


It was mothers day in the UK last Sunday. For me it was both sweet and sad. Sweet to be able to take my mother out…

A Legacy of Change


I was recently asked what I want my legacy to be, what type of conversation would I have with my future self…

Surely Donating Can’t Be Fun?

Confident young businessman in suit standing with arms folded

I often get asked how donating can be fun. For most young people, donating can’t be fun…

Lets look at how it all works


We thought it would be good to walk you through a typical FunDonor experience…

FunDonor for Business


We’ve been unpacking FunDonor on Clubhouse recently. Last week we looked at business…

FunDonor Accountability


Some years ago I went to visit a school in Malawi that was being built for charity…

Driven by Kindness


Being kind is easy, cheap and simple. A smile, a thoughtful word, a helping hand – small but powerful gestures…

The Charity Angle


We have started diving deep into the workings of FunDonor in our weekly Clubhouse room. One area that seems unclear is…

Embrace Your Obstacles


An obstacle, by definition, is something that blocks your path, hinders your progress. At FunDonor, it’s the opposite…

Chase Your Dreams, Don’t Live Your Nightmare


I heard this in our weekly Clubhouse room yesterday – “Chase your dreams or you might live your nightmare”

Show Up                 


I was listening to a motivational speaker and they said something that changed my perspective for this newsletter. ‘If you want to make an impact  – Show up’

Happy New Year


Happy New Year to all our subscribers. Its been an eventful 2022 which ended with a focused approach to the upcoming launch of the FunDonor platform in 2023..

Seasons Greetings


Christmas is the time of festive cheer and we wish to express seasons greetings to everyone that has been and will be involved with FunDonor…



I shared with passion in the Breakfast with Champions Clubhouse room this morning. That is the feedback I’ve been getting – passion! …


Keeping it Simple  

The key attraction for FunDonor will be its simplicity. As the development roadmap unfolds, I’m getting excited at how the platform will work. Donating $1 will be as simple as sending a text. Ambassadors will share rewards amongst each other simply. Influencers will have fun interacting with fans in simple ways. Transactions will be visible, transparent and simple. Charities will be accountable to donors through a simple process. I cant wait!

World Cup Fever  


World Cup Fever has infected the world. It is also uniting the world. This is a time when diversity is respected, differences accepted…

The Power of $1


People often ask, why is FunDonor centred on $1? The Dollar is the most popular currency on earth and $1 is affordable to most…

Make Mistakes


Making mistakes is good. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. It’s healthy. Learn from them, grow from them…

Young People Want to Give


Our latest blog is all about young people and how they want to give back. They may have less money to spend but…

Building Momentum  


We are building momentum for our Indiegogo crowdfund launch in early 2023 and I’m excited. I’m excited…

Making Progress


Last week was busy. We are negotiating terms for an MOU with a media agency. A first draft has been submitted for review…

The Youth in You


I believe there’s a young person hiding in all of us! We talked about this on Clubhouse last Sunday and everyone felt the same…

Migration Starts Now!  


We mentioned in last week’s newsletter that we will be migrating our subscribers to the Indiegogo pre-launch page from 10 October…

Our Indiegogo Pre-Launch Page is LIVE      


Our Indiegogo pre-launch page is now live. This follows the start of our social media Ad campaign last week on Facebook and Instagram.

Our Latest Ad 


We began our Instagram Ad campaign as promised this week. We will launch our Indiegogo pre-page in the next few days as well…

We Start This week


We are on track to start our Instagram ad campaign this week. We will also launch our Indiegogo pre-page this week as well…

Thank You Queen Elizabeth     


The world mourns the death but celebrates the life of Queen Elizabeth II right now. Which side you chose is up to you…

Forming Collaborations      


We have started building collaborations on Clubhouse. This is to help boost FunDonor’s awareness…

Indiegogo Pre-Launch 


During September we will launch our Indiegogo crowdfund pre-launch page. This will run for 3 months…

Preview Our Crowdfund Page


We are getting closer to the launch of our Indiegogo crowdfund campaign and want to share our draft page with you…

Finding Your Purpose           


What is your why? This is the question posed in this weeks Motivational Monday video. The words in the video are…

Character Defamation      


We held a room on Clubhouse last Sunday focused on character defamation. The idea was to use real…

Refreshed And Recharged  


I just got back from a wonderful family holiday in Greece. I can say I’m fully recharged. My resolve was further…

Take A Break                   


I just took my first break since 2019. COVID has made things a little difficult the last couple of years…

Try New Ideas           


I was listening to a John Lee Social Media Masterclass on Clubhouse this week and heard him share…

Transparency Protocol


I was seeking feedback from a colleague today. She watched our Indiegogo video then asked me…

My Role Model                             


FuDonor is all about influential role models. The platform is primarily a place to empower young people…

Let’s Build A Dream


It was my birthday today and I spent time reflecting on my dreams…

Young Ambassadors


FunDonor has a clear goal. Empower young people to give back. Young ambassadors are…



Today I had a deep dive exchange with an influential business coach. He highlighted challenges…

Platinum Jubilee


This week the UK celebrated HM the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – 70 years on the throne…

We’re Recruiting!


This week is volunteers week in the UK and we’re recruiting. Volunteers play a crucial role…

Volunteers Week


Next week is volunteers week in the UK. I was reminded by one of our volunteers…



Transparency is everything at FunDonor. We want to inspire confidence in donors…

Inspiring Memories


We talked about inspiring memories in our last Clubhouse room. So empowering…

Our Pledge


FunDonor is founded on integrity. Because the platform is based on dealings with influencers…

Don’t Get Stuck


I was in a Clubhouse room today exploring why we get stuck in our endeavours. I realised why…

Share Kindness


Just thought I’d share a brief reminder about a core FunDonor goal. We want to empower …

New Action


I’m sure you’ve heard this before – You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.

Why Young People


I keep getting asked, why does FunDonor target young people? How will we empower them? …

Oscar Thoughts


One moment at the Oscar’s, though ugly, reminded me of why I’m so keen to launch FunDonor…

Remember Mum


Sometimes you need to take a step back and reflect on why you’re here in the first place…

Lets Do It


I placed an ad for volunteers on Linked In last week. I hoped to attract a few applicants…

Timely Reminders


Every so often, someone probes for answers and in the process, uncovers reminders…

What Influencer’s Get

Oprah Winfrey, the esteemed broadcaster, producer, actress and philanthropist, will become a special contributor to 60 MINUTES, the #1 news broadcast in television, it was announced today, Jan. 31, 2017, by the news magazine's executive producer, Jeff Fager.  Ms. Winfrey will make her first appearance on CBS News' legendary Sunday night broadcast this fall.  Photo credit: Harpo, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. NO SALES, NO ARCHIVING

I often get asked “What’s in it for the influencer”? Firstly, they raise loads of money for charity…

Tell One Person


It’s that time when we are reminded of love. But do you know why?…

Message of Love


It’s that time when we are reminded of love. But do you know why?…

Our Best


Watching Stan Lee in this weeks Motivational Monday video…

If You Quit


A new volunteer started with FunDonor last week…

Plan B


Earlier today I shared our strategy for project sustainability…

Make A Difference


I posed a question on Clubhouse the other day. Can one person make a difference?

Good Teamwork


Whilst hosting our weekly strategy catch-up meeting 

Happy New Year


Welcome to 2022. Here at FunDonor we’re getting excited

Reflecting on 2021


As this will be the last newsletter of 2021, we thought …

Seasons Greetings


It’s that time of year when we unwind and share good tidings.



A friend gave me some feedback after our Clubhouse room on Sunday. He said we need to network more. He observed that…



I was reflecting on empowerment today. I remember some years ago when I empowered a 13 year old African schoolboy…

Be Kind


I’ve often talked about acts of kindness in our newsletter. Last week I was reminded why. It was the topic of our Clubhouse…

Celebrity Portrait


I was asked this week about our feature perk on Indiegogo and how it gives a life long stake in FunDonor…

Lessons from Failure


Discussions in our Clubhouse room yesterday focused on peoples stories of failure…

Can’t take the HEAT?


Sometimes we get reminders that it can get a little hot in the kitchen of creativity…

Charities and FunDonor


Last week we touched on charity accountability. This week we focus on the importance of charities…

Making Charities More Accountable


Charity accountability is a core FunDonor goal. The backstory to the initiative stemmed from Chima’s visit…

Who is an Influencer?


Confusion on FunDonor’s social media has raised the question – Who is an Influencer? …

Social Media ShAkE Up


Since the arrival of our newest volunteer, there has been a positive shift in our social media…

Sign-up        Incentive


Following a number of recent FunDonor sign-up’s, a key question is being asked…

Lets Build A         Dream


Yesterday I hosted my first room on Clubhouse. It’s titled “Lets Build A Dream, From Concept to …

Expect Some Bumps


The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) produces a yearly World Giving Index

CAF Giving         Index


The road to success is never smooth. Always expect some bumps along the way…



FunDonor is founded on principles of transparency. The entire experience…

The Fundonor       App


The FunDonor app will be an easy access application that can be used…

Some          Changes


Things continue to look up with FunDonor. Our Clubhouse room…

Building A         Dream


I have decided to open a room on Clubhouse called ‘Lets Build A Dream’



We are building a team at FunDonor. It’s not quick, it’s not easy…

Charity Accountability


‘How will FunDonor make charities more accountable’? Explained

Empower Young People


Our most poplular query is ‘How will FunDonor empower young people?’ We will empower them through our ambassador…

Some                  Updates


Discussions have commenced with Enthyco to develop the FunDonor platform and app. Enthyco are based in Washington.

Licensing & Compliance

Negotiations are underway with the Gambling Commission to ensure FunDonor will comply with relevant licensing requirements.

Upholding          Integrity


The key to making FunDonor work lies in the commitment to always uphold the integrity of the celebrity/ influencer.

Connecting Companies


Since joining Clubhouse, I’m getting a lot…

The FunDonor Ambassador


For those seeking clarity on who the FunDonor….

I Can

I have been getting familiar with the Clubhouse platform


I was recently introduced to the Clubhouse App.

Is Donating Good for Business?


With FunDonor, donating will be good for business. Why? Once the platform is up and running we will introduce a match funding model for business. This will work by enabling a business to brand a celebrity’s page…

The Vision

My vision for FunDonor is to create a network of ambassadors all finding creative ways to empower celebrities and influencers to raise tonnes of money.

The Influencer Pyramid

The final FunDonor home page will look like a pyramid, but it won’t operate like one. The platform will showcase all celebrity influencers…

What is FunDonor?


Someone commented on Instagram this week. Got me thinking. He thought FunDonor was out to make fun of role models just to make money. How wrong…

Do Different

One of my favourite quotes is by Barack Obama. our Indiegogo Pre-launch Page. He said that ‘Change happens when ordinary people do extraordinary things’. How true…

People Trust Charities

Charities Aid Foundation findings

Life is Good

Life is good, despite the setbacks. Take a good look at yourself. Then try count your blessings.

Our New Ad

We placed our new ad on social media today. It’s under review by Facebook. We had to resolve a few issues…

Indiegogo PreLaunch

We will soon be launching our Indiegogo Pre-launch Page. This is the page that helps spread the word before our actual campaign launches…

Keep it Simple


One of Albert Einstein’s favourite quotes – ‘Everything should be made as simple as possible’. How true…

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year – and what a crazy year it’s been. It started so bright, so sprightly. 2020, the iconic year…



Hello, my name is Chima and I’m the guy behind FunDonor. Recently I’ve been down with COVID…