Upkar Bains

Upkar is FunDonor’s social media manager. A graduate of international business, he has experience in developing social media content for charities through content analysis and market research. He understands how charities target audiences and how they process information. He develops content and implements strategies to improve engagement on FunDonor’s Facebook page.

Natalia Gallie

Natalia is a sociable and approachable graduate of International Relations. Originally from both the UK and Colombia, she is culturally aware and widely travelled. She is leading on FunDonor’s TikTok approach, Twitter growth and creates and manages blog content.


Feyi Falegan

Feyi is a graduate of business management and marketing with a special interest in digital and marketing communications. He is keen on web authoring, media strategies and focused on improving FunDonor’s Instagram and Facebook impact using an organic growth approach.

Ektha Patel

Ektha is a creative professional. She studied human resources but helps brands and businesses with social media management through the creation of customised strategies. She is specialised in content creation and repurposing, graphic design and proofing and is keen to assist FunDonor achieve the highest social engagement standards.

Tania Garibay

Tania is cheerful, hard-working and determined. She is a graduate of Communication Science and has developed an internet based career, specialising in Digital Marketing. She is currently studying for a Master’s in Digital Marketing and is focused on the development and expansion of FunDonor’s Twitter platform.

Mohamed Serour

Mohamed is a Mass Communications professional with over 13 years practical academic experience in teaching, communications, social media marketing and public relations. He is the co-founder of Qoraan Online, a fast growing online educational platform based in Egypt. He is a keen volunteer with a passion to do good in his community and the world. He develops and manages FunDonors YouTube channel.

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