What is FunDonor?

FunDonor is a simple fun way for influencers to engage with their fans to raise money for their charity.

An influencer simply donates some time or item for charity, reaches out to their followers on social media who can then donate $1 for tokens to win it.

After 30 days we pick a random token, notify the winner and send all donations to the influencers charity. That’s it!


FunDonor aims to inspire a whole new generation of young ambassadors.

The goal is for the ambassador to use social media to engage with their favourite influencer or celebrity and encourage them to take part. The ambassador will receive a reward for any influencer they bring on board.

In time, we expect to create a chain of giving by young ambassadors all inspired to donate to charity and engage in acts of kindness.

What We Need

We need to raise funds to set up the FunDonor platform. We will crowdfund on Indiegogo – launch dates to be announced soon.

We need to fund the development of the FunDonor interactive platform, marketing strategy and portable app.

Not only does the website need to work seamlessly and be capable of sustaining high volume traffic, the donation process needs to be robust, simple to use and completely transparent.

Have a look at our draft Indiegogo crowdfund page. Follow us as it develops. Our unique perks will give you a REAL stake in FunDonor. Please share on social media!

Why not take our FunLEAP challenge!

Leap like our logo and you could win our iconic “I Built FunDonor” T-Shirt. Click on our draft Indiegogo page above for details. 

Here’s what you have to do.

1. Make a selvie* or take a picture of your best Leap. Just like our logo!

2. Share your selvie or picture on social media.

3. Use the hashtag’s #Funleap & #Fundonor.

The 10 most liked clips win!

*selvie: a self video, not a picture. Videos should be 10 secs or less.


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