FunDonor Ambassadors


Young people don’t really give to charity. It’s just not cool. But FunDonor aims to change that.

It will make donating fun for young people by rewarding them for any role model or celebrity they bring on board. Young people love social media so why not reward them for doing what they love?

An ambassador simply reaches out to their celebrity or role model through social media and encourages them to take part. If they do, the ambassador gets 1% from donations made.  This is capped at $1000 and anything more is banked as tokens which can only be used for something charitable or to fund a recognised education programme. That way, the initiative can inspire a whole new generation of young givers, empowering them to do good deeds for charity or further their education, or both. That’s cool!


Lets look at an example


Imagine an ambassador reaches out and gets Taylor Swift interested. She donates some time – maybe an afternoon with her in her recording studio. Imagine her engaging her nearly 200 million fans (Twitter & Instagram). Imagine the frenzy as many scramble to buy $1 tokens for a chance to meet her.

If she raises a million dollars for HER CHOSEN charity, the ambassador gets $1,000 in cash. The remaining $9,000 can only be used for something charitable or educational – a donation, act of kindness or to fund a recognised education programme. This is a cool way to encourage young givers to do something positive for charity.


There will always be an ambassador represented for each role model featured by FunDonor. If the ambassador does not find the role model, the role model must nominate the ambassador – someone they wish to inspire. A win win situation for ambassadors!

Why not take our FunLEAP challenge!

Leap like our logo and you could win a trip to meet the stars at our project launch in 2019.

Here’s what you have to do.

1. Make a selvie (self video of 5 secs or less) or take a picture of your best Leap or pose. Just like our logo!

2. Share your selvie or picture on social media..

3. Use the hashtag’s #Funleap & #Fundonor.

The 10 most liked clips win!


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